Ty Cobb vs. Orel Hershiser

This week has been a learn as you go type of thing with the CWS being in town.  We had a couple of days off so it would not be so tight and congested around the office and I believe that was a good idea not just cause we got a couple of days off, but it has the possiblity to get loud with everyone talking in a small place, so the fewest amount of people defintaely help that.  We have had many trips around the surrounding area to promote the Royals during the CWS and just get our faces out to community while the Royals are on the road.  The office has been work as usual but it is hard when you can hear the crowds out in the stadium bowl, but you are glad because you know it is packed out there and really hot.

With the College World Series being in town, it kinda of brings past and present baseball all-stars to Omaha.  Recently I had the chance to meet one of the best pitchers in the past 30 years, Orel Hershiser.  I met him while he was exiting one of the games and while I was getting ready to leave the stadium.  He was very kind to stop and wait as we tried to get a few pictures with him.  After the encounter with the former Cy Young winner, I called my mom to tell her the news because she was a big fan of his.  She preceded to tell me that she use to sing in the choir with his wife while she still lived in Mattoon, IL.  

The crazy things that happen and you see at the CWS, it happens to be a small world after all.
Me and Orel.jpg  

CWS vs. Royals

Well the College World Series has arrived and they have taken over our office here at Rosenblatt.  When the NCAA comes in, all of our staff has to squeeze into one area of the stadium and continue to work.  The tough part is that we only have seven games in June at home with the team going on a three week road trip.  The clean-up process was very quick as we had to take all of the Royals memorablia, sponsor signs and seat covers down.  Since the NCAA does not represent professional sports, we had to remove all of our signage so that they could put up all of their teams signage. 

The Royals office is still work as usual, it is just a little different with the games going on outside.  I feel like I should be out there thinking it is a Royals game, but then I remember that it is just the CWS.  I will have to say that the college games are a little boring considering they don’t have Bungee Pulls or Giant Diamond Rolls going on during the innings.  Also they don’t play music during the a-bat which makes the innings drag on. 

As I go through my first CWS, I realize that Minor League Baseball is about the family fun enterntainment plus the baseball game.  While the CWS is more about the baseball game.  That is a big difference and one that each fan should see if they were to go to a Royals game and a CWS game.

AH, nice weather!!!

I don’t know what it is about the weather getting warmer, whether it makes me think about baseball or just being outside doing whatever you do outside.  And as my man Boston Rob just told me, he needs to get outside because his grass is about up to his shins!! “Your gonna need a Bush Hog for that!”  All I know is that it is great that the weather is getting warmer and we are catching some breaks from the bad weather we had last month.  After all the rain outs and postponements, we still had a great April with our average attendace growing 17% from last year.  That is great and it is a combination of everybody in the office that contributes to the success of the Royals. 

The Royals have been in a funk lately with losses coming in bunches.  They were in 1st place when they left for Fresno and have been slumping lately.  I don’t know if they play better baseball with bad weather or what, but I think it is tough going to the nice sunny west coast and then coming back to sub 50 weather in Omaha.  I will have to admit that this past weekend was a beautiful weekend with weather in the upper 80’s!!  I was able to get on the golf course and get some rays and hit some balls which was nice.  It is always good to get on the golf course and hit the ball as hard as you can and see where it goes.  I don’t believe I will have a chance to do that this weekend with the weather going to be in the low 60’s and rainy, but you never know.

The games have been going good, with the pictures from April now up on the main website, oroyals.com!  Get on there and check them out, I would like your input to what else I need to take and if they are good enough to be on there.  There will soon be May photos up there where you can see all of the great things that has happened so far in the month of May.

One of the coolest things I have done this year happened last night during the game.  We were playing the Iowa Cubs and some of the front office staff of the Kansas City Royals were in town.  Well one of the t.v. stations wanted an interview, and I had to make sure that it happened so I had to check on them to see how things were going and if the interview went well.  It happened to be that Dayton Moore was in town who is the GM of the Kansas City Royals and if you don’t know anything about Dayton, he is one of the smartest and youngest GM’s in Major League Baseball and was a important part for the decade success of the Atlanta Braves.  He is now taking the Kansas City Royals to power with his procedures and protocols which will make the Royals a dominant force in the American League.  Well I had a chance to speak with him and check on how him and rest of the staff were doing.  I didn’t want to bother them with the game going on so I just introduced myself and told them to get with me if they needed anything and turned and was going to walk out.  He stopped me and wanted to know if I had visited Ty Cobb’s hometown in Georgia and if I had ever been down in that area.  It was a nice short conversation that I had with Dayton about Ty Cobb and it was awesome to just be talking with one of the smartest baseball people I have learned about.  Hopefully I will have more oppurtunities to chat with him and maybe in the future, work under him.  You have to love this warm weather, you never know what’s going to happen!! 

Just relaxing and hitting the links!!

Alot of you have asked me what I do while the Royals are on the road.  Do I chill at home and watch tv…maybe play golf 24/7?!?!  Well I can tell you that I only play golf for 5 hours not 24 but the truth is, I possibly might have more work to do than when the games are actually going on!  I get the work done during off days so game days go smoothier and with no glitches.  Most of what I do during the off days is update the website, upload some pictures and make sure that all the sponsors have their tickets and they are all satisfied. 

The website has kinda been my baby, I have taken it from something where people would come to the site but not know what to do, maybe just look at one or two things.  Now with all the Community & Fans information, fans can be more informed as to what the Royals are doing in the Omaha area.  And if you have not looked at the Community & Fans tabs, I advise you to because there are some great things that you can utilize as fans.  The Royals have numerous community projects that happen all the time, whether they are player appearences, casey appearences, scholarships for kids or any thing you could think of.  If you have any questions relating towards Community Relations, you can contact Lesley Crutcher at 402-738-5109 who can direct you and give you more information about the Royals in the community.

Along with fixing up the website, I have been asked by many of you how you can get the pictures that I take during the games. Well this past week I worked on our April pictures and uploaded a gallery under our Fans tab, http://omaha.royals.milb.com/fans/page.jsp?ymd=20080430&content_id=392319&vkey=fans_t541&fext=.jsp&sid=t541 

Here you can find some pictures from the Royals offseason as well as some from our April games.  I am trying to upload as many as I can, but not all of the photos will be put up on the website.  If you are wanting a specific photo, you can email me at ty.cobb@oroyals.com and give me the date of the game you attended and I can get a photo sent to you. 

I have been told by many of you that you enjoy reading my blogs and that I need to keep you more informed, well I am going to start making myself submit more blogs on a regular basis.  And if you think that I am not doing enough, then just stop in stadium and tell me, I will be the one with the camera!! Take care and see you out at Rosenblatt!!

Baseball & Paper Airplanes

Well another home stand has come and gone and with a one day off day, the Omaha Royals are back at it for another 4 games with the Nashville Sounds.   I don’t know if it is the aurora of Ty Cobb in Rosenblatt Stadium or something else, but the Royals are in first place and 3 games ahead of the Memphis Redbirds.  With the Royals playing good baseball and the weather starting to turn from winter to summer, it is starting to get exciting around ole Rosenblatt Stadium.  We are having a good number of fans come out since the season started, even with some games dipping down into the low 40s.  The promotions we have had are some of the best in Minor League Baseball and that is not counting the Rosenblatt Stadium Replica that is our giveaway this Saturday at 7:05pm!!  In all the season is really working on all gears and it is an exciting time to be in the park and the team winning.

For me it has been completing one task after another. Part of my duties is to get the schedule of the games events organized and put into an addendum.  That keeps me pretty well focused on what is happening around the ballpark, not just the game.  We have sponsors that have suites that I have to check on and see if they are getting what they need, we have community organization partners that have display tables and other special events that might happen during a specific game.  My main duties during the game are to capture the fans enthusiasm and fun through a device they call a camera.  The camera is basically another part of my body during the game, with me snapping everything that goes on during an Omaha Royals game. You will be able to view some of the photos from the games coming up on our website in the next couple of weeks.

One of my favorite promotions that we have had so far this season was our ExpressJet Paper Airplane Contest.  This was a promotion where fans received a David Cone Statue sponsored by ExpressJet and an entry form where they filled out the sheet and used the sheet as a paper airplane.  After the game we placed an ExpressJet sign on the field and the fans came to the first base dugout and tried throwing their paper airplanes to the sign.  The 5 closest to the sign won a FREE roundtrip ticket anywhere on ExpressJet.  Now if that doesn’t make you wanna come to a game then I don’t know what would.  The latter part of the promotion is the only part I do not like.  Try unfolding thousands of paper airplanes that have gone through the trash and entering them into a database, that, someone else could do but that is why I love doing what I do, working in baseball!!!

Opening Day April 3!!!!

Well it is t-minus 72 hours until Opening Day!!! It is getting pretty hetic around here, finishing up wind screens, putting up signs and everything it involves in starting the season.  I have been getting video board design work done along with helping out with the wind screens.  They are an important part in advertising because it is easy seen when fans come to the games and when they are on television.  Today was suppose to be the Creighton vs. Nebraska game, but due to inclimate weather, the game had to be rescheduled for April 23.  Hopefully the weather will corporate with us and our Opening Night will be a success. 

Around the stadium, I can start to see the familar scenes that I am used to when I come to a baseball game.  The concessions, gift shop, signs and all the other items that make a ballpark are going up around Rosenblatt Stadium.  The players arrived today and had a short work out on the field, and tomorrow the headshots and media day will take place, all the happening of the season starting. 

It is getting interesting around here and I am taking it all in and getting ready to have a successful 2008 Omaha Royals season.  The next time I will write a blog the season might started!!!!


Opening Day April 3 vs. Albuquerque Isotopes 

Thanks Jeff!

It has been a while since I have "blogged" as you call it, so let me apoligize first.  It has been pretty hectic around here lately with Opening Day two weeks away.  I have been busy working on getting things ready for the season with tickets, gift shop and other essential things.  Creighton had their ticket party a couple of weeks ago and I had to help Jason with getting that ready and selling things.  It was a beautiful day which only reminded me that baseball season is approaching.  Last Saturday was our ticket party, in which season ticket holders came and picked up their tickets and enjoyed hotdogs and ice cold Coca-Cola.  Although the weather was pretty brizzy, the event was a success and alot of people are excited about the 2008 season.  Lesley Crutcher and I had the duty of standing outside and assisting the kids who wanted to play in the moon jump.  It didn’t take long for her to want to go inside because of the windy conditions, but I continued to man the ship and started greeting people who were not sure where to go.  It was helpful to see the faces of our season ticket holders because they are an important part of success for the Omaha Royals.  In all, the party was great for everyone and it just made everyone more excited about the upcoming season. 

Getting the program completed was a big mountain to climb but it is completed and almost ready to be printed.  The next big thing I have been working on is getting the suite and comp tickets out to our sponsors.  Another important part of the business side of baseball is fulfilling your promises to businesses that do business with us.  This will be part of my duties during the season in which I prepare all the suites and get the tickets to the sponsors before their games.  Other than that it has been common things such as newspaper ads and website stuff.

Well with NCAA Basketball playing it is hard to do work but eventually it will be completed and the games will end and it will lead us right to Opening Day which is only 14 days away. 

I would like to give a special thank you and good luck to our Dir. of Ticket Operations Jeff Gogerty, who will be moving down to Texas in a couple of days.  I have not known him long or have I seen him walk (he has been on crutches since I met him in Jan.), but the time I have known him he has been nothing but supportive and helpful to me with everything.  He is a great guy even though he is a Duke fan and I just wanted to say thanks for everything and good luck down in Texas.