A Summer of Baseball

   Well the 2008 season has come and gone just like that!  It seems like I was just starting back in January and learning the ropes of how a Minor League Baseball team was ran and learning the in’s and out’s that come along with baseball.  Well I can tell you that after a season of learning and experiencing new and exciting things, that this has been one of the most enjoyable times of my life.  Thinking that I would just be that intern that would pick up the trash, be told to go clean the toilets and the usual things that go along with a rookie or intern, those were not my duties.  I was thrown right into the mix and had to learn from the start to get things done quickly and done with skill.  Becoming part of the Royals marketing department at the heart of selling season and experiencing the things involved during that time was something that I will take with me into my next job.  The fast pace was not a problem for me and in contrast I really enjoyed it.  I was tested on getting multiple jobs done quickly and still being responsible for other tasks at the same time.  I have learned that Minor League Baseball is not just about baseball, but also about the fans that come out to be entertained and have a fun time at the ballpark.  The sport of baseball will always be the same, but the things that fans remember are the experiences at the ballpark.

   I can say that I have gained a new love for working and creating publications and material that people can view and utilize for their own purpose.  I have done many things this season that I thought I would have just helped out with, not actually create from scratch and see the actual product.  Things like the Fan Favorite collector figurines that were handed out this season.  To create the box that thousands of fans get and for me to possibly see in the future and be able to say I created is a cool thing.  Other things such as pocket schedules which I see around Omaha all the time in gas stations, stores and shops, and again to say I created them, it is just awesome.  My family likes to collect antiques and be pack rats and I believe that is where I get my love and inspiration for creating such things as program covers, pocket schedules, flyers, billboards, etc.  They are something that I can store away for years and when my children stumble across them, I can re-live the experiences of creating them and the great time I had at that time.

   With that I would like to thank the Omaha Royals and everyone that is associated with them, such as the ground crew, concession workers, Rosenblatt Stadium employees and everyone that I had the pleasure to work with while I was here.  I can honestly say that I have gained numerous amounts of new friends and will have connections that will help me in the future.  I could not write this without saying thank you to Rob Crain, who was probably looking for a good laugh when he came across a resume from Ty Cobb.  He has been great to me and has taught me things that I could not have learned from anyone else, like speaking in a Boston accent!  I have had so much fun working for the Omaha Royals and have learned a lot of things that I believe have prepared me for the future.  I will benefit from the things I had have done here and the people that have influenced me.

   To me thinking this was going to be a bit-your-lip and get through it season, to one of blown away expectations, such as creating things for a Triple-A baseball franchise has been a great story.  Having my own baseball promotion and it becoming such a hit around the country with me being interviewed by ESPN, being in ESPN The Magazine and having my own baseball card, just today it hit me that I am lucky to be in this place.  I can remember searching and wondering if I was going to have a job this time last year, and for me to be in this spot now, I could not ask for anything more.  So thank you to all my fans that have kept up with my slow-paced blog and the fans that stop me in the ballpark and want to know a little more about my name, to the Royals staff, you are all my friends and I thank you for the time and memories from this past season.  And lastly, to my family who with out my mom and dad the name Ty Cobb would have been still just a Hall of Famer from Georgia, at least now some people might think about the kid from little Humboldt, IL who grew up just wanting to work in baseball a sport he loves.  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!    




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