10th Anniversary Celebration of the Ty Cobb Museum

    This blog will solely be about the celebration and life of the greatest baseball player ever to play the game, Tyrus Raymond Cobb.  Whenever anyone speaks of the greatest baseball players such names as Ruth, Aaron, Mays come up, but the one that everyone misses is Cobb.  Not only was Ty Cobb the best baseball player, he also was one of the smartest business men of his time.  To relate it to “Omaha”, Ty Cobb would be the Warren Buffett of his time.  The man new how to sell and make money, investing in products such as Coca-Cola and General Motors.  He was a millionaire who happened to love baseball more than money.   

    People get caught up in stereotypes that he was a dirty player, a racist and a mean person.  But if you read some of the things that happened to him by not only his opponents but his own teammates, then you wouldn’t be nice either.  The man played the game hard taking no friends along the way and that is why many people did and still don’t like him.  He has accomplished things in baseball that players still have not come close to reaching.  Ty Cobb still has the highest career batting average at .367, holds the record for most runs scored, hit over .320 for 23 straight seasons (WOW, that would be my entire life!!), batted over .400 three times, won the batting title 12 times with 9 of them being consecutive years and won the prestigious Triple Crown in 1909!!!  If those stats don’t blow you away then you can email me or write a response and tell me who has better stats.  That is all around stats, not just the most homeruns, and he did it for 24 years.  But the most outstanding stat Ty Cobb accomplished that makes him a unique, special, god-gifted talent would be the number of times he stole home, 35!!!  Just think in your head right now when the last time you saw someone or heard someone steal home?!?!  Ty Cobb did it 35 times in his career and will be a stat that many people will never come close to.

    The Ty Cobb Museum in Royston, GA will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Ty Cobb Museum July 17-19.  I had a request to come and visit the museum but unfortunately I will be working here in Omaha at the Royals game.  The event is sure to be a special one with a tribute to the life of Ty Cobb and all the special things that he contributed and gave to baseball and baseball’s fans!!  If you are going to be near Royston during the next couple of weeks or near the area ever, I suggest you attend the museum and discover all the things that Ty Cobb accomplished and contributed while he was living.  I know I will be planning a visit to the museum in the near future!!  If you would like more information on the 10th Anniversary Celebration, please visit the Ty Cobb Museum at:  





  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    This is the first I have heard of that muesum, thanks. I will want to visit there one day. I’ve always been fascinated by Cobb. There was no doubt that he was a deeply troubled man, that led, and was handed, a deeply troubled life at a very young age. There will never be another person that will play the game like him. He was the ultimate intimidator, competitor, hitter, basestealer and all out gamer! You have to give him those things, despite all the negatives about his life.

    Good luck with the mission work, what you are doing is a very positive thing.

  2. conner_dunthorn@hotmail.com

    I so badley want to go there when I get older. Ty Cobb is my idol by the way he was deticated to the game and how he made a name of himself by his work ethic. For all the Ty Cobb haters out there. There all lies. He never bet on a game. Yes he did punch a black guy, but he wasn’t racist and no he didn’t ever sharpen his spikes to hurt a player. For more details about his life and how he really wasn’t a cold hearted person. Please read his autobiography. Ty Cobb: My Life in Baseball. It is a well written 279 page book with about 15 pictures of him and teammates.

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