Ty Cobb vs. Orel Hershiser

This week has been a learn as you go type of thing with the CWS being in town.  We had a couple of days off so it would not be so tight and congested around the office and I believe that was a good idea not just cause we got a couple of days off, but it has the possiblity to get loud with everyone talking in a small place, so the fewest amount of people defintaely help that.  We have had many trips around the surrounding area to promote the Royals during the CWS and just get our faces out to community while the Royals are on the road.  The office has been work as usual but it is hard when you can hear the crowds out in the stadium bowl, but you are glad because you know it is packed out there and really hot.

With the College World Series being in town, it kinda of brings past and present baseball all-stars to Omaha.  Recently I had the chance to meet one of the best pitchers in the past 30 years, Orel Hershiser.  I met him while he was exiting one of the games and while I was getting ready to leave the stadium.  He was very kind to stop and wait as we tried to get a few pictures with him.  After the encounter with the former Cy Young winner, I called my mom to tell her the news because she was a big fan of his.  She preceded to tell me that she use to sing in the choir with his wife while she still lived in Mattoon, IL.  

The crazy things that happen and you see at the CWS, it happens to be a small world after all.
Me and Orel.jpg  

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  1. jthomas232000@yahoo.com

    Looks like you had a good time at your first CWS. I know the weekend was long with 4 games in 2 days after getting the stadim ready for the Royals again. Keep up the good work Ty!

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