CWS vs. Royals

Well the College World Series has arrived and they have taken over our office here at Rosenblatt.  When the NCAA comes in, all of our staff has to squeeze into one area of the stadium and continue to work.  The tough part is that we only have seven games in June at home with the team going on a three week road trip.  The clean-up process was very quick as we had to take all of the Royals memorablia, sponsor signs and seat covers down.  Since the NCAA does not represent professional sports, we had to remove all of our signage so that they could put up all of their teams signage. 

The Royals office is still work as usual, it is just a little different with the games going on outside.  I feel like I should be out there thinking it is a Royals game, but then I remember that it is just the CWS.  I will have to say that the college games are a little boring considering they don’t have Bungee Pulls or Giant Diamond Rolls going on during the innings.  Also they don’t play music during the a-bat which makes the innings drag on. 

As I go through my first CWS, I realize that Minor League Baseball is about the family fun enterntainment plus the baseball game.  While the CWS is more about the baseball game.  That is a big difference and one that each fan should see if they were to go to a Royals game and a CWS game.

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